John DeKlerk

Co-Founder and President

John brings with him an impressive background in corporate accounting and business development. Since joining Wholesale Office Furniture full time, John has assisted in creating an organization that offers clients a unique and positive experience that makes business easy while working with the very best people in the industry. John also manages the marketing team taking the company from zero website views to over 300K+ a month. 


John holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting from The University of Utah and an MBA from Western Governors University. 


Jacob DeKlerk

Co-Founder and COO

Jacob's mentality towards operations gives Wholesale Office Furniture the edge it needs to compete within a dense and fast-growing population. Since day one at Wholesale Office Furniture almost 8 years ago, Jacob has taken his knowledge of office furniture and applied it towards absolute customer success. You won't find an individual who is more able to inform a customer about exactly what they are purchasing other than Jacob. 


Jacob holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Weber State University and an MBA from Western Governors University. 


Robert DeKlerk

Co-Founder and Sales Director

Robert has an extensive resume in the office furniture industry with over 25+ years of experience. The relationships that he's built over the years has allowed him to successfully build and help grow Wholesale Office Furniture into what it is today. As the company's lead director of sales and design, customer satisfaction is what drives Robert's focus. 


Robert previously taught Architecture and Design at The University of Phoenix


Ricky Koplow​

Marketing Specialist

Ricky is vital to the marketing success of Wholesale Office Furniture. Ricky maintains all of our SEO and SEM strategies while working closely with Google and WIX Analytics to make sure that we're at the top of our game. His work and insight have helped Wholesale Office Furniture become one of the top searched office furniture companies in the state. 


Ricky holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing from The University of Utah.


Ben Tatum


Lead Product Installation and Warehouse Manager.

Ben loves the outdoors and spends his summers up in the mountains camping, fishing, and hiking. Ben has been with Wholesale Office Furniture for over 5 years now and has gained a wealth of experience working with us. 

Paul Edwards


VP Medical Furniture and Gov't Sales


Paul brings with him an impeccable list of contacts that will allow not only himself but the company bring itself to the next level. His determination and will to build the perfect customer relationship is what truly set's him apart from everyone else. Paul is also a professional horse trainer which makes him a great leader with great patience. 

Paul's previous work experience included property management and real estate.