What We Do

We believe great work begins with a great space. We work collaboratively with you to create a plan that fits your budget, timeframe, and needs.

We invite you to visit us in person. Come explore our space and meet our team.

Design Consulting

Great office interiors start with a plan. We offer design consulting and 3D office space planning through GIZA 2020. After we receive a floor plan from either yourself or one that we’ve been able to draft through our own measurements, we will convert that plan into a fully functioning opportunity for you to see what we can do with your space.

After we’ve been successful at placing the furniture from a 2D perspective, we will then take a closer 3D look at the furniture and begin adding colors.

Creating a space that promotes Employee Engagement, Corporate Wellness, Attraction, and Attention are the core principles of Wholesale Office Furniture.

Custom Finishings

We help you create a beautiful and thoughtful space with our thorough workplace strategy, procurement, and delivery process. As depicted in the video next to this description, adding design elements and custom finishings to your space is as simple as a click of a button.

Even after we’ve successfully completed the finishings, adding items such as additional storage, or top-mounted frosted glass is very simple. Our fully compatible product lines allow us to customize your space with only the best furnishings available in the marketplace.


Our team provides full-service office furniture installation, reconfiguration, and touch-ups. We’re fast and very efficient with our time. We realize that everyone’s time is very valuable and so we try our best at making sure you are completely satisfied with your product so that you can return to work as soon as possible.


There are proven ways to limit the effect and transmittal of infectious diseases in the workplace. One step in the right direction is Sanitizing your office above and beyond a good cleaning. There is a much bigger difference in making sure the germ “Hot Spots” are taken care of with a proven system to eliminate the harmful pathogens and help make us feel safer in our workplaces.

We use a specific machine called an Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer. By placing a positive charge on the liquids that are sprayed out of the nozzle the disinfecting solution clings to virtually any surface front and back, smothering, surrounding, and eradicating germs as the liquid dries.

For a free quote, please visit our website and fill out a contact form at the bottom of the home page. We will schedule a site visit and based on your square footage and the number of touchpoints needing to be targeted we will give you a quote. We operate in an empty office space at any time of the day that best accommodates you and your staff.

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