Why Office Pods Matter and Why You Need Them

The open office plan is a norm in today’s time but it comes with its own problems. Research shows that noise and distractions are the biggest handicaps for focus work and productivity. It’s hard to concentrate on a time-sensitive task when an animated co-worker is on a client call, or three people are in a heated discussion next to you. Providing workers with a stress-free environment away from their desks and acoustic furniture should be of utmost priority for every organization. Enter the office pods, or the so-called office phone booths.


Workplace design trends are evolving in the post-COVID era and the same goes for office pods too. Before the pandemic, pods were used to provide privacy and peace to employees in a noisy open office, but now they can also be used to provide a safer working environment to the staff. Pods have always helped improve employee happiness and wellbeing by reducing the stresses of the office.


A Brief Introduction of Office Pods


Office pods which are also known as phone booths are small, self-contained, soundproofed, modular spaces designed for privacy and concentration for one or two people. Specially designed for a dynamic workspace, these private and semi-private spaces allow staff to handle personal or professional phone calls in a secluded area, distraction-free spaces for high-priority, individual tasks, and small cabins for discussions and brainstorming.


An average office pod comes in different sizes and possesses acoustic felt panels, a ventilation system, lighting, a custom desk or seating, internal electrical and USB outlets, and three walls with a glass door. It is like a personal cubicle with minimal design, decked out with furniture and soundproofed walls. They’re also made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or glass, and buyers can mix and match them for the desired customization.


Why should offices have privacy pods?


Adding Office pods into your open-office environment supports your workers’ need for privacy while driving employee productivity and satisfaction. Also, phone booths and office pods are much safer than your average open office. Being enclosed spaces, they are easier to control, and once they are clean, they stay clean until they are used.


Here are 8 benefits pods can offer your office and employees:


Visual and auditory privacy


The lack of physical walls or barriers in an open layout office can make many employees experience feelings of anxiety, which may lead to frustration and lack of confidence. A soundproof pod offers total privacy, be it visual or auditory. Having a glass door doesn’t allow it to feel like a claustrophobic space. Pods allow a safe space which can have a positive impact on an employee’s stress levels.


More Collaboration


Pods act as modern, technology-equipped phone booths or small meeting spaces, meant for in-person or virtual interaction. Employees use this space for a quick brainstorming session and private important discussions. Pods make it easy to collaborate without distracting co-workers.


Increase Autonomy


A lack of private space can make anybody feel uncomfortable. Giving staff an option to escape the crowd and noise of the office, will give them a greater sense of autonomy toward their work. When they have more choices of workspaces, it will lead to greater morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.


Many options for your need and choice


Pods come in various sizes in private and semi-private versions. With personal sitting pods, standing pods and group pods available, both individual and collaborative work can be done. There are many colors and textures to choose from. Whatever your interior style, pods can be tailored to ensure they’re suitable to your surroundings.

Preserve focus


Pods offer staff an escape from the noisy environment and focus on what really matters. It could be finishing the task at hand or needing some time to think and ideate. Allowing an employee to work without any distraction leads to higher productivity.


Space efficiency and flexibility


Why build a separate meeting room, when you can set up a pod with no hassle. Pods don’t require any renovation of the space and can be set up in very little time with no noise pollution. Solo pods come with adjustable casters and you can move the pods across the office floor, as per your requirement. It’s a truly flexible solution.


Greater client engagement


Booking a meeting room, for a one-to-one meeting or a Zoom call with a client, is not always affordable and it is almost impossible to find a noise-free space in an open office. Office pods provide a quiet, distraction-free space where you can give your undivided attention to your clients.


Attract young talent


Acoustic furniture solutions like office pods and office phone booths help you make a clear statement that your company is up to date with workspace design and invests in their employees’ productivity and wellbeing. In many countries, a pod is still a novel concept and can be a differentiator as far as the workspace is concerned. A space that offers opportunities for collaboration, as well as privacy, is a preferred choice for the newer generation.


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