There’s nothing comfortable about sitting at a desk from nine to five. Well, there could be something comfortable about it if you have the right chair. You’re sitting in that thing all day, your neck’s craning, and it’s not good for you. You need something with support, comfort, and a chair that’s lightweight enough to roll across your smooth plastic mat beneath your desk. Sounds like you need to take a look at our favorite desk chairs.

  1. Madison Task Chair

You know what one of the greatest disappointments in an office chair can be? Having your neck hang lazily over the top. The Madison task chair lets you roll around on five wheels, and lean backward to slightly recline without hurting the back of your neck. When you need to get the job done and sit up in a hurry (if the boss is walking by) you’ll be able to bounce back to a productive position, and hit the books without ever missing a beat.

  1. Amenity Task Chair

For the budget-savvy and those looking for a minimalist design, there’s the Amenity task chair. Built with price and comfort in mind, you get a slightly smaller, more compact chair that’s up to any task. (Lightweight means you can roll around quickly, and get back to work quickly, too.) If you don’t know what chair you want, get the chair you need. This gives you the perfect adjustable height level, leans back enough to be comfortable (but not too comfortable that you’ll fall asleep), and conforms to just about any desk height.

  1. Droid Task Chair

If you’ve seen the prequels, then you’ll immediately get excited over this themed office chair. For the tall and small, you’ll either be able to lean your head back on the relaxing addition to the height of your chair or keep yourself at a normal height level. Either way, you’ll enjoy the quick and easy control over the levers below the seat, adjusting yourself to the optimum height and comfort level for your specific brand of productivity. You’ll be able to glide around the office space with ease.

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