Employer Work From Home Elected Results

Many major employers, including those in our home town state of Utah, have already approved adjusting their employee’s work schedules to work from home “WFH” indefinitely now. “A study issued in May 2020 by IBM of 25,000 office workers found that 54% of desk workers want to continue to work from home full time, and 75% would like to do so part-time. 40% felt that their employers should at least offer the option of working remotely”1 From a personal perspective and from my experience with a prior employer, they just recently moved their entire workforce home permanently. This has given the opportunity for some of those people to move to less expensive cities across the entire country.


“Even before Covid-19, some 43% of American workers were already working from home at least part time.”2 It can be scary, shifting away from what we considered “the norm” of the 9to5 grind in the office, to getting up in the morning and finding your desk a few feet away from your bed. And for consideration purposes, this includes the C-Suite executives as well. Now, employees and employers have become very efficient at dressing up from the waist up all to just jump on the daily Zoom conferences. Admittedly, who doesn’t just change their clothes afterward?


As a furniture dealer and supplier, you have to exercise caution inside of an office workplace. Sometimes we’re forced to work in tight spaces with hundreds of people surrounding us that may or may not even have a small cold that could be passed around in minutes. With Covid-19 being transmittable through the air particles, even at distances greater than 6 feet, it’s become apparent that changes might need to happen with the layout and structure of office furniture in the corporate setting.


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